Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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NI Max PCI-GPIB Name Not recognized, I have to use VISA Resource Name instead.

Upgraded to LabVIEW 2015 from 2013.

Have been using Name in NIMax to name my instruments rather than used the VISA Resource Name.

ie. counter instead of GPIB0::3::INSTR

This has been working fine until I upgraded.

I still see the name in NIMAX as 53132A"Counter" with VISA Resource Name as GPIB0::3::INSTR

If I search or refresh for the Name 'counter' in LabVIEW it does not appear. However, I do see GPIB0::3::INSTR in the drop down.

There are about 60 vi's in my code I will have to change to read the VISA Resource Name instead of using Counter. This is not the only instrument this is happening with. Any ideas?

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Since the program was working fine until you upgraded, I think you should check the compatibility of your drivers with your new version of Labview. Check the following documents:

I hope this helps!

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Sorry for the delay. Since I posted this, I seem to have worked it out. Can't remember what I did to resolve it. But for now it is working. 

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