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NI MAX couldn't read devices properly.


I have a NI USB-9213 for thermocouple temperature input. But the signal express just could not find it, (no devices available). But the NI MAX could find the device. The only error is when I open the VISA test panel and view the attributes, the interrupt in pipe status has invaid property value  (Hex 0x3FFF0082).

Does anyone know how to solve this problem?  I am just a beginner.

I guess the NI MAX should have the button of self test or so, but I couldn'tt find that.

I have labview 2012, signalexpress2012, NIMAX 5.6, daqmx 9.9, visa……I have uninstal and install all of the  NI software andhe drivers many times. Could anyone help me?

Thanks very much.


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You've already been told that you should not be using VISA. It looks like you actually used the VISA Wizard.
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I'm sorry. I get that.

But if I do not use the visa, even the NI MAX could not read that device. But the windows devices manager can always detect it.

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How does Windows detect it and what driver does it say it is using?
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I don't know what exactly you mean. If you need any further information, just let me know.


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Sometimes the USB9213 is detected by LEGO drivers and it can not be found by NI MAX, of course. 

But even if it is detected by NI drivers correctly, NI MAX still do not have the "self test" and other button, and SignalExpress can't detcet it.

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