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NI Instrument driver finder cannot discover the connected instrument

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I am trying to search for an instrument driver for the NI9237 module, which is connected to my PC (Windows 10) where LabVIEW 2015 is installed through USB 2.0 (provided by NI while purchasing) via cDAQ 9171. I have used the following steps to search the instrument driver: LabVIEW=>Tools=>Instrumentation=>Find instrument driver. But under the tree " connected instrument", it shows " no connected instrument"

However, I can check the device (NI cDAQ-9171) connected while I run MAX.

How do I solve it?   

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cDAQ isn't in the instrument driver network.  You need to install LabVIEW and NI-DAQmx.  Start by reading the info here -


Then you can look at examples.  In LabVIEW open the Help-->Find Examples, search 9237 and a very complete application has already been created for you to examine and test with your module.



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Thank you very much

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