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NI GPIB-USB_HS with Keysignt VISA (Keysight Connection Expert)

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I know that Keysight GPIB-USB interface can be used with NI-VISA and NI-MAX by enabling Tulip. (Which I cannot do anymore with NI-MAX v19.0 as enabling Tulip option has disappeared after upgrading from v18.0.)

But is it possible to use NI GPIB-USB-HS interface with Keysight VISA and Keysight Connection Expert?


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I haven't been successful with that, but someone else posted a way to get the Tullip back. Apparently it was a bug on the NI side:


I just ran that batch file and was able to get my Keysight GPIB-USB adapter to talk again with NI Max.

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I need to modify the bat file as suggested by egraham in the link below.

It works now.

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