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NI CB-37FH pin connections

Hi, can someone tell me what the swtich connections look like inside this relay? As in, if pins 20,21, and 22 are a series of NC, COM, and NO pins, which one is which? The datashee here doesnt have the info (that I can see). 


Thanks in advance,

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What relay? The product page at says it's just a dumb connector block.
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Forgive my fuzzy terminology. I am using the PCI 6520 switch connected to the CB-37F controlled via Labview. I called the 37F a relay because, to my understanding, it behaves like several voltage triggered switches in one block. Some of the pins on the 37F are grouped in sets of 3 (NC, COM, NO) while others are in groups of 2 (COM, NO). The path is dependent upon what values I write to the PCI 6520 lines. However, I cannot find a diagram that maps that out for me. Otherwise, how can I tell where to put my input and output wires relative to each other?

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Stop referring to the dumb terminal block. The relay pins are described in the manual for the 6520 -
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