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NI-9871 is not found with NI-9185

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I'm using a NI-9185 and NI-9171

Linux Opensuse 15.4

Labview 2023Q3


I got a NI-9871 Modul, but i is not found in "ni-hwcfg-utility" and "lsni -v"

Can somebody help me?




~> lsni -v                
Scanning localhost for devices...

System Configuration API Experts found:
NI-DAQmx 23.0 (daqmx)
NI Device Interconnect Manager 23.0.0 (nidim)
NI-CONTROLLER 23.0 (ni-controller)
NI Network Browser 23.0 (network)
NI MX Routing Utility 23.0.0 (nimru)
NI-MXI 23.0 (ni-mxi)
NI PXI Platform Services 23.0 (ni-pxi)
NI-QPXI 23.0 (ni-qpxi)
NI-RIO 23.0.0 (ni-rio)
NI 5110 Digitizer 23.0 (niscope5110)
NI 5164 Digitizer 23.0 (niscope5164)
NI 5170 Digitizer 23.0 (niscope5170)
NI System Configuration 23.0 (nisyscfg)
NI-RTSI 23.0 (rtsi)

System Configuration API resources found:
--Primary Expert:       NI-DAQmx 23.0
--Model Name:           NI 9201
--Serial Number:        ....

--Primary Expert:       NI-DAQmx 23.0
--Model Name:           NI cDAQ-9185
--Serial Number:        ....
--IP Address: 

--Primary Expert:       NI-DAQmx 23.0
--Model Name:           NI 9226
--Serial Number:        ....

--Primary Expert:       NI System Configuration 23.0
--Model Name:           LIFEBOOK E459

Ethernet Adapter eth0
--Primary Expert:       NI System Configuration 23.0

Ethernet Adapter eth3
--Primary Expert:       NI System Configuration 23.0


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Accepted by topic author Michi86

This is a simple incompatibility issue with cDAQ chassies and NI 9871 module. The NI-9871 is compatible with CompactRIO chassis using LabVIEW FPGA programming, but not with any cDAQ chassis.
See C Series Module and CompactDAQ or CompactRIO Hardware Compatibility with LabVIEW - NI for more information.

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