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NI 9269 Module Detection Issues



we are having some issues with some NI modules, we have been calibrating multiple DAQ modules using CalExecutive 3.6, we connect the modules via USB with a NI-cDAQ-9171. It looks like every fourth or fifth unit the system (NI MAX) will not be able to see the DAQ module, in this case it is a NI 9269, it can see the 9171 but not the 9269. We have swapped 9269 modules and it detects those just fine but the one with the error, it will not.

I installed NI-DAQmx 20.1 on a different PC that does not contain CalExec, and the NI MAX software is able to detect both the 9171 and the 9269 that has the issue, so thinking it might have been a driver problem, I attempted to install NI-DAQmx 20.1 on the calibration PC, however it wants to uninstall my calibration software CalExec and a bunch of other options that will put us in a situation were we will not be able to calibrate any units.


Can you throw some light in to what may be happening?

We have multiple units of the same model and one or two will not get detected by NI MAX on the calibration PC but it will read on another.


Thank you.

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