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NI 6215



we would like to buy the NI 6215 DAQ card. Now there is mentioned a so called Connectivity set, that is required.

Do we need to order that connectivity set additionally or are some of that frame connectors already included in the NI 6215 package?

Kind regards,


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the 6215 will be shipped with NI DAQ which is the hardware driver for DAQmx devices

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The connectivity toolkit is for physically attaching wires.


I don't know if the 6215 comes with screw terminals for connections. If it doesn't, that would explain why the kit is required. It's seems cheap enough that I would just buy it.
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My mistake I read through that too fast.  


The last time I bought one the accessory kit was included BUT, NI may have changed the practice.  I'd hit the "Call me now"Capture.PNG button

"Should be" isn't "Is" -Jay
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Many thanks.

After a short call I got the information, that the screw terminals are included!! The hint on the homepage is a little bit confusing. You do not really need that connectivity kit.

Thank you for your replies!!


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