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NI 488.2 older versions (For GPIB manufactured in, presumably 2001)

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I am currently using a GPIB (presumably manufactured in 2001), and I need NI-488.2 version 15.5, 15.0, or 14.0 for LabVIEW 2012 (I have other older device that can't communicate with newer version of LabVIEW).


I was gonna open a service ticket but they won't let me open the ticket with the serial number I have for this old GPIB.


I am using windows 7, 64 bit, NI-VISA 15.5, LabVIEW 2012 SP1.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Download NI Device Driver (august 2015) - this contains 488.2 v15.0 and VISA v15.0


I am not sure, but it may be possible to selectively install only 488.2 and VISA as per your requirement. The worst case would be that you need to install all the device drivers but in any case, you will get the 488.2 and VISA installed.

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Hi Santhosh,


I read one of your answers to a very similar case and downloaded the same driver packages, but only installed 488.2.

I will install all the drivers and see if that works.


Thanks for your quick answer!

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The NI Device Driver you referred to had NI-488.2 v15.0 and NI-VISA v15.0 as you mentioned.


For the record, I had to remove Microsoft.NET version (it was higher than v4.0) and install Microsoft.NET v.4.0 before start installing everything (please do read the readme file you can find in the downloading page before start installing anything).

Then I only had to install the first DCD-Aug15-1 among three of the exe. files to have NI-488.2 and NI-VISA properly installed for LabVIEW 2012 SP1.


Thanks for the help!

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