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NI-488.2 Driver Version 1.7 for Windows 98

Dear all. My computer is running with Windows 98. I am looking for GPIB driver version 1.7. I found the location in However the forder is empty. Please share if you have the driver. Your time and help are much appreciated.



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Found this folder


Let me know if this is what you are looking for. Still have some old stuf somewhere.



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Thank you. However, it is V2.2. I have checked all forders. V1.7 is not on the ftp.

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Do you know the LV version linked to this GPIB version ?


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I donot know what is LV version. Probably 2003? The card reads ‘copyright 2003’.

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The  ‘copyright 2003’ does not match Windows 98. 

If your are using Windows 98 than it must be linked o LabVIEW 6.1

The GPIB version of LV 6.1 is 1.7.

I will send you a PM with the link the the Device driver CD.




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I'm running a legacy system and it would appear that not all the original install media has been saved. I have NI-488.2 version 6 but the legacy system runs on Windows NT 4.0 with service pack 6.


I have checked and there should be version 1.7 media available as that was the version running on NT 4


does anyone have a copy of this I can download?

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