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Movimed Errors


Upon running my program, I get the following error:


Error 5387:

AF-1501: Module timed out during image acquisition.


I was wondering what the cause of the error is and how I can remedy it.

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Can you please provide some more information to help us track down the source of the issue.  What does your application do?  What version of LabVIEW are you using?  Is the error generated inside LabVIEW or is it an external error?  Is the error generated by a particular VI?  Can you post a screen shot of the error?  Are you using any hardware?  If so what type?




Sam K

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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I am having the same problem as Bilaln. I was wondering if this problem was resolved or not? I read in another post that you got in contact with Carlos, the same person that I have been in contact with. He hasn't replied to the email that I sent about this error yet, but I think that he should be able to answer this. I just want to post this here to make it public.


My application uses two AF-1502 MoviMED on a single NI cRIO9024 system. The AF-1502 is a framegrabber made by MoviMED that hooks up to a camera. This project uses a AF-1501 driver at the FPGA level, Real-Time Drivers at the RT level, AF-1501 example code at the RT level, and a Bus Clock on the derived clock. I am using LabVIEW 2011.


I previously was able to get an image from the framegrabber, but now I get the same error.


This is the steps that I take before I get the error:


I compile the AF-1501 Driver and it compiles successfully.


I open the example code and it compiles successfully (at this point the it should have an image displayed).


I go to configuration on the front panel and go to configuration.


In the error box, the status has a red x on it and the code says 5387


The box reads AF-1501 Error<ERR>
AF-1501 module timed-out during image acquisition.


What happened previously was that the AF-1501 Driver would have the start button push in and out and it would get a frame each time it did that. Now it only does that once and then stops. If I press that button manually with the mouse it does grab a frame.




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