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Measurement issue with Keysight DAQ 34970A

Hi all,


We run a self-written Labview software (version 2014) using a Keysight 34970A DAQ on our production floor. 

The system worked perfectly, but we've seen two failures at one work station for a couple of months now, where the DAQ shows failures:


- 103 (invalid separator)

- 113 (undefined header)


The equipment is connected to the PC via a serial RS232-cable and a USB-to-RS232-adaptor. The OS is Windows 10.

I already touched base with Keysight. The issue isn't related to the device itself, since it works at other work stations.


I would be glad if anyone could help me. Have anyone made the same experiences?

Of course I will provide more information if needed.


P.S. We installed another device which also uses Labview (higher version than 2014). Could that have an effect on it?




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It could be your USB-Serial adapter.  I've seen some weird issues with cheap versions of those.  Personally, I am not a fan of using USB-Serial adapters in a long-term system.  I would get a PCI(e) or PXI RS-232 board.  I tend to have a lot less issues with those.


The other hardware possibility is noise on the communication lines.  I would try replacing your RS-232 cable.

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Hi crossrulz,


Thanks for your quick reponse.

Actually I already replaced both the RS232-cable and the adaptor itself. There seems to be no effect.


I'm wondering, since the setup works at other work stations (where we also use the adaptor).


Do you have any other idea?




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