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Measurement and Automation Explorer ( 2 PC's via crossover)

Hello All,


I've got a problem. I connected two PC's via crossover and set up the VisaServer at the Master and configured the client at the Slave.

If the PC's are only connected via Crossover everything works fine and I can see the Masters peripherals and communicate with them.

If I now plug in the LAN-Cable and connect to the company's network too, there is a yellow exclamation Mark at the network devices in the Automation Explorer.

If I disconnect the company network and only connect the crossover everything is fine again.


I hope you can help me ... Would be great.





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Do you use DHCP at your company's network? Are both PC's in the same subnet? Which OS do you use for both PC's? Do you use the latest version of MAX?



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DHCP is deactivated.(IPs are static) ... Yes they are in the same subnet. The OS is XP Professional. We use the MAX Version 4.6.1 and the Server version 4.6.2. Is this the latest version?

My Problem is that everything works fine ... but when I plug in the network cable to the second network adapter (Company network) I suddenly lose connection ... I can see the other PC at my Network Computers in the MAX but can't communicate with it`s peripherals. (Or sometimes there is a yellow exclamation mark).


Thank you for your help!


Greetings, Paddy

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You wrote:

"... but when I plug in the network cable to the second network adapter (Company network) I suddenly lose connection ..." is that right? You use two network adapter in your PC?



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Yes that's right ... We have a PC with more than one network adapter ( altogether we have got 3 adapters in each PC ).

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Maybe you use the wrong network adaptar for your application. You can change it in MAX under devicces and interfaces. I have added a screenshot from my MAX but it's in german. Try this out.



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Sorry i've forgotten the screenshot. Here it is...

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Danke 😉 ich werds versuchen 😉


Und wir mühen uns mit englich ab 😄


Danke schonmal ... ich meld mich später wenn ichs versucht habe.

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Okay das Problem ist gelöst.

Man muss bei Windows unter "Netzwerkverbindungen" -> "Erweitert" -> "Erweiterte Einstellungen" die Priorität der Karte über die man gehen will ganz nach oben setzen.


Vielen Dank für die Hilfe.


Gruß Paddy

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OK. Super das es geklappt hat 🙂


Bis dann


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