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Measuerement error

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Good morning, I have created a diagram in labview that allows me to make eight measurements of a DC voltage by means of the Agilent 33120A generator with a 0.2 volt increment, which are measured by an Agilent 34401A multimeter and a DSOX1204G oscilloscope. Since I have to make the measurements automatically, I have set up a string for each instrument. The system set up, however, does not take any measurements.
what do you think the error could be?
I enclose a photo of the diagram

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Hello , dont make multi write function just one write and one read function inside for loop and let it run 8 time , check that

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Accepted by topic author Slash96

You should attach the code rather than a picture.  Also, please describe what you are measuring, are there timing requirements, etc..  Also, what error messages do you receive from which instrument? How are the instruments connected to the PC?  (GPIB, USB, serial, etc..)  Can you verify that each instrument works on its own before trying them in combination in LabVIEW?   How are the instruments configured before you send the MEAS commands? 


A few general comments..


- Doing a write, then waiting for a read on one instrument then attempting the same on the other will cause delays.  You would be better off sending the MEAS to both instruments and then reading the data afterwards.  Better still a physical trigger between the two instruments for simultaneous measurement. 


-  Usually you need to setup a measurement trigger, arm the trigger and then send the MEAS command to perform the measurement.  I'd guess your instrument isn't ready to measure and it just ignores your MEAS commands.


- There are pre-made LabVIEW samples for working with these instruments.  They are not complete working programs, just pre-assembled collections of common functions.  You still need to read the instrument manuals and understand the instruments, but these drivers show you best practices and have some working examples you can try.  See..


33120A -

DSOX1204G -

34401A -


Hope that helps.


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