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MKS Vacuum gauge hardware interface to LABVIEW

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I am completely new to LABVIEW and I need some help to clarify one confusion about hardware interface.


I am using two MKS series 999 quattro multi sensor transducer - vacuum gauges. Currently they are connected to MKS PDR900-1 vacuum controller. I believe PDR900-1 can communicate through RS232 cable to the LABVIEW. I am using the DAQ chasis for other sensors. But there is no driver available for PDR900-1 from NI or MKS. I don't know how to write my own drive for PDR900-1.


To avoid having to write my own driver, would it be possible to split the signal of the vacuum gauge mks 999 so that I can send it separately both to the controller PDR900-1 and to the DAQ chasis? 

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There really is no driver necessary as the commands are all ASCII text for communications with the controller according to this manual.  The issue of control might be even more complicated - See the CODE PROTECTION section on page 12 of the manual.  It also discusses how to configure the connections in the manual as well.

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I am using the 974B Vacuum gauge with the same controller. I found a driver for 972B in the instrument driver. I thought the same driver could be used for 974b. However, whenever I am trying to connect, it shows wrong device has been connected. 

Could you suggest any easier method to get the vacuum pressure data in labview? Looks like I am failing everytime. 


I tried modifying the instrument driver for 972B and 946 Vacuum controller.

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