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MAX not showing any VISA devices / interfaces... LV2020 Community + VISA 20

Recently installed LabView 2020 Community and NI-VISA 20.    Opened up MAX to make sure all the drivers were up and running, and I'm getting not much at all.



LabView 2020 Community



I've refreshed (F5), reset config data, installed / removed / re-installed / rebooted countless times, removed firewall / antivirus during install.  Installed IMAQ for giggles, those drivers seem to install and are found in MAX.


Has anyone had a similar issue?  Back when I used LV2014 I was able to setup a fresh station in an hr flat... it's been three days installed LV2020.






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Hello, mcapitain

What are you expecting else to find there if you haven't connect any device to your pc?

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