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Low Profile PCIE card and standard full profile pcie PC

Hello all,


We are now in possession of a PCIe GPIB controller(Part Number: 780575-01) and a standard PCIe slots on tower pc, both salvaged from previous projects. So the following are my questions, which am confused of,  before making any final decision on how to proceed further

1. Is there any possible route through which I can fit a low profile PCIe Card to a standard PCIe compatible PC?

2. Will the low profile version card (of the above model and part number) dimensions will fit in a half profile PCIe PC?

3. If option 2 is not compatible, What should be my safe PC form factor so that I can use the available card in my possession and buy a new PC that could fit my card in hand?

I do acknowledge that profiles of card and slots on my are different, but my situation and the protocols my firm follows restricts my options available. You are also welcome to open up and  share your suggestions.




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1. No, it's not possible. 

2. It wouldn't be possible. There is no way it can fit there. 

3. I'll think regarding the question. Will keep you updated. 

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