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Locating GPIB-USB-HS Driver

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I am seeking help to connect my Ni, GPIB-USB-HS with my computer. I am able to see it in my Ni-Max. However, a yellow triangle  with "!" mark in the center is appearing with a message that 

"Window does not have a driver associated with your product."

I tried to look for the driver on Ni website but could not locate one. Any help is appreciated. Please let me know the solution to this problem. 



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Accepted by topic author Pawan-Tyagi

Hello, Pawan,


To be able to interact sing GPIB, you should install the NI-488.2 driver. I'm including a link that explains a bit more about the error you're getting, where to download it, and certain considerations for choosing the correct driver version.


GPIB-USB Error in MAX: Driver Not Associated


Hope this helps!

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A bit late, but if anyone gets error code -37056 about "counterfeit hardware", read below (posed elsewhere):


I found the problem occurs in driver ver 17.6 and up, after NI added a check for counterfeit hardware.  They removed all earlier versions from their site (for your convenience) since they didn't have this counterfeit check.  Since so many people report this flagging their GPIB-USB-HS box as counterfeit, even though they bought it directly from NI, it appears to be a software bug.  One guy even posted photos of his circuit board showing a custom NI logo-ed chip, so unlikely counterfeit.


Andrea W of NI Tech Support replied to my web complaint and said she would report it to their R&D team.  In the meantime, she uploaded ver 17.0 to their ftp site for me.  If like me, you may only need the 488.2 drivers (NI-MAX), not a full VISA setup.  Internally, NI refers to the setup as "17.0 488.2".  So, you will need go thru tech support to get this file.

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