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Labview program for Anton paar MKT 50


I have an Anton Paar MKT 50  Millikelvin thermometer and an common RS 232 and RS232 USB connector with me.

I could not get any driver software so as to make it run in labview 2010.

Could any1 please help me out with this.


I jus need the program to get the temperature value out of the device to display in my computer sceen.

Also need a refresh rate of about 1 sec.


Please help me with this.


Thanks in advance.

Grugh Mike

Success is Everything !!
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Sounds pretty simple. Have you tried using any of the serial examples that come with LabVIEW? Have you tried the Instrument I/O Assistant? Have you tried communicating in MAX or with a standard terminal emulation program such as Hyperterminal?



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Anyone has a driver for Anton paar MKT 50?


George Zou
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Look here:


The MKT 50 from Anton Paar is identical to the TTI - 22 from ISOTECH ...


Peter Sinn

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