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Labview + PLC Omron rs232

Greetings everyone


First of all, thanks to everyone that reads this post and has patience to ignore my grammar mistakes (English is not my main language).

Im in need of controlling a plc from Omron SYSMAC CJ1W with labview, without using OPC servers, i mean, i want to read only the information from the plc, via RS-232.

I already know i have to use VISA to accoumplish this, as well as configuration my port COM, baudrate, stop bits, etc.

I just dont know what should i read from the frame sent by the PLC to my labview

the data will arrive in a datastring from the VISA reader. 

My question is this:


The PLC is doing a pick-n-place style of system with a robot that works in a straight line, above 12 tanks, each tank has a position. The robot moves within the line with a help of a eletrical motor, and the only thing i wanna read on the labview is the position he is currently on. I want to monotorize this location.

in my PLC program, each position goes like address value: 215.00.

for example, position one: 215.00

position two: 215.01

position three: 215.02 and so on


can anyone enlight me what kind of information will arrive at the VISA reader? and how can extract this position address?

Kind regards 

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What protocol does it you. If it's Modbus, try the library at
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sorry for my late answer, but yes, it works with modbus i belive. the thing is i know knothing about modbus, or what kind of frame it sends into the slaves plc. 

I kinda just want to monotorize and analyse the commands sent to the slaves, that are currently, a location within the line of work.

What should i look for within the frame, and now can i filter this information?


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