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Labview 7.0 file not found in my original disk

I have changed the mother board of my original computer as my original mother board was faulty and NOT repairable. I want to run the same original hard disk of mycomputer on new  mother board. Windows 2000 and Labview 7.0 are installed on my original hard disk and they were running perfectly fine on my original computer. My small control panel SCADA was running on my original computer and hard disk. On new mother board when I start my SCADA application it is asking NI disk and it is asking tnidaq.msi file. I do not have this file in any of my LABVIEW installation CD. Please help me how to solve this problem. I am not able to install new version as this is 15year old SCADA and do not want to change anything except mother board. Please help me..

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Here you go.



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Hi K C

I tried to restore the system with tnidaq.msi but got the  message and could not  restore  the required file. I have attached the prompt message with this reply.

Please guide me or help me..

Thank you,

Best regards,


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see the private message

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