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Keysight N5744A not recognized by NI MAX via LAN.

Hello all. I have a Keysight N5744A power supply connected to a computer via LAN cable. I have the IP address, and using it I can ping, access the instrument using Internet Explorer and communicate with it using Agilent Connnection Expert.


However, when I try to set it up in NI MAX, it's not recognized. I used "Network Devices >> Create New VISA TCP/IP Resource >> Manual Entry of LAN Instrument" with the same IP address and LAN Device Name I got from Agilent Connection Expert. But when I click on Validate, VISA error 0xBFFF0011 shows up (see image1.jpg).


I also tried "Create New VISA TCP/IP Resource >> Manual Entry of Raw Socket", but got a similar error (see image2.jpg).


Something interesting I found is this window from "Agilent Connection Expert >> VISA 64 Conflict Manager". It seems like in my computer TCP IP can only be controlled by Agilent VISA and not by NI VISA (see image3.jpg).


Any suggestion is more than welcome. Thanks!

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Do you have both Keysight VISA and NI VISA installed? If so, you will have to have it setup as explained in the following document to recognize the device in NI MAX correctly.


There are other complexities with connecting VISA device with LAN, but please look at the above document first.

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Thanks for your response. Actually I was able to work around the issue by creating a VI using direct IP connection to interface to my power supply. Thanks again for your support.
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