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Keysight DSO3034T Screen Shot

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I am having trouble with the get screen command for a Keysight Oscilloscope (DSO3034T). Basically, the user specifies the output type of the data (BMP, 24-BMP or PNG), and the command returns image data in a 1-D array of U8. I am pretty lost as how to display this data afterwards. I don't have any experience working with BMP files, and I haven't found any helpful references online. I want to be able to display the image in LabVIEW, and save the image to a file, either as a BMP or PNG. Could anyone give me a hand?


Thanks very much!

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It is possible but are'nt you better off with displaying the measured data in a plot?

Use the following article if you don't have the vision toolkit

greetings from the Netherlands
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Hi Albert,


Thanks for the prompt response! I'll give it a go - I had not seen that article. If it works, I'll mark your response as the solution.


I am able to plot the measured data without a hitch, but I want to be able to sporadically capture screenshots of the scope's display to ensure all the settings are right. It's overkill for my specific application, but since I have never displayed images in LabVIEW before, I thought to make it more of a learning experience for me!



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succes, looks good.

greetings from the Netherlands
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It is actually much easier than one might think! Just the documentation is a bit lame...

Use the Display Get Screen, clip the Val output to the correct size and save it as png (or bmp) with Write To Binary to disk. Headers are included by Keysight (Thanks!).

If you want the image back in LabVIEW get it with Read PNG



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