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Keithley 2000, 2400 Commands?

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hello guys 

I'm trying to figure out how to measure the resistance of my Keithley 2400. I'm using a gpib connection. 

my command and answer is,

to 2000 - *rst                

             -  CONF:RES

             -  RES:RANG 100

             -  SAMP:COUN 20

             -  READ?    


2000 return -   +9.20358133E-02,+9.22591203E-02,+9.16704017E-02,

                        2000 measure the resistance 20 times and return it.



to 2400 -*rst

             - CONF:RES

             - RES:RANG 100

             - ARM:COUN 20

             - READ?


2400 return  - +6.104358E-02,+9.999461E-03,+6.104687E+00,+7.852798E+04,+4.608400E+04,

      2400 seems to be measured 20 times. however, it seems to return something more. can I know what this is?

      and is there a command to set only the resistance value to return?



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Did you check the standard LabVIEW libraries or do you use another language?

greetings from the Netherlands
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Standard LabVIEW libraries mean something like a VISA library??

I used the command in the 2400 user manual, for communication used the VISA test panel of the NI MAX tool.

I communicated with models 2000 and 2400 in the same way, but the commands for setting the number of samples are different. TT

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Accepted by pjee7751

Well, the 2000 is a DMM while the 2400 is a Source Meter.  These are really 2 different types of instruments.  The Source Meter gives you a lot more control over the measurement, so you really should be doing more to get your measurement.


Perhaps you should set the output voltage and compliance current.  You could also look into the "FUNCtion:CONCurrent" command to turn off the other measurements.


I have no clue why you are seeing 5 measurements per trigger.  It looks like the first three are Voltage, Current, and Resistance, at least based on Ohm's Law.  Of have no clue what the other two are.

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thank you for your answer.


i need to know the difference between DMM and source meter, realized that I had to look at the user manual more.


i think i need more test and practice, study



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