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Ivi*_init() returns -1074135023 (BFFA0011)

Dear all,


I am new to instrument control and new to this forum. Please apologize if my question sounds stupid, but I have already spent several hours searching for a solution of my problem.


I have some old instruments with GPIB and two new ones USB/LAN interfaces that I woule like to control by a C program using the IVI-C class drivers. I have installed the drivers and set up the instruments in NI MAX. As far as I can tell up to now, for the GPIB connected devices everything works well.

However, when I call the IviFgen_init() and IviSpecAn_init() functions for my Siglent SDG2082X and SSA3021X that are connected either to the LAN or a USB port of my PC, they I get the return code -1074135023 (BFFA0011). According to the documentation this means "function or method not supported". Now I wonder to which function this refers. As far as I know, these init functions are always supported.


I suppose that the error is in front of the keyboard 🙂 Does anybody have an idea what goes wrong and where I have to look?


Thank you very much for your help!


Kind regards,



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