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Is it possible to read data at the same time from the two channels of an HP645D oscilloscope and write it to a file?

I am using Labview 6.0 together with a PCI GPIB for Windows NT for controlling the HP54645D oscilloscope. I want to get data from the two channels of the oscilloscope at the same time, and write it to a file.

In the HP54645D driver that I downloaded from the NI site, the VI's only contain reading from one channel, and I haven't achieved to modify this VI, so that reading from two channels and writing this data to a file is possible.

I wonder if it is possible to read data from the two channels of HP54645D at the same time,and wite this data to a binary file. If you know a way of this, I will be very happy to be informed aboutit.

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I am not completely familiar with the HP54645D but if you are able to sample from both channels, you can use the IBRDF function to redirect the data read from the bus directly into an ASCII file format. Documentation on this function can be found on page 5-64 of the NI-488 Software Reference Manual (
Whether or not and how the scope can sample from multiple channels at the same time should be documented in the instrument's manuals.
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