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Instrument does not respond to "IDN?" after the first time

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I have a Nanostep control Unit (17MDU002) from Melles Griot that can be detected by MAX and return the correct instrument device description the first time I scan for instrument. But the weird thing is, MAX is not able to return the same description of the instrument when I click the "scan for instrument" button again. If I were to switch off the instrument and then turn it back on and get MAX to scan for instrument again, everything is fine again. In other words, "scan for instrument" is not successful when "scan for instrument" is performed more than one time consecutively. Is this behaviour a problem of the instrument or GPIB card?
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From pg 15 of the user manual

"The NANOSTEP will
have assumed the transfer is complete when it receives the carriage return,
leaving the line feed on the bus."


Another great example of non-compliant instruments hanging a GPIB bus.  You should be able to change the VISA properties to match your controllers termination character.  (disable send termination character and append a <cr>



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 Hi I cant seem to find this Nanostep manual. Could you direct me towards it please.


Thank you 


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 Here it is- I can't remeber how I found it but, here it is!


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Excellent, thank you very much.

Could not find it for the life for me!


 Go raibh maith agat


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You are welcome- don't forget to mark the solution 😉


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I know it has been years but does anyone know where to find the drivers for the device(Melles Griot Nanostep Master Control Unit)?



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I do believe you will need to write your own

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