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Instrument Control Using DB25 Connector

Hello all I need to control an instrument using a DB25 connector. Specifically, I need to toggle specific pins on the connector TTL high/low to control the functions of the instrument. Beyond this I'm at a loss. I'm using LabVIEW to send commands, and I have a USB-6000, which has digital I/O. Would I simply be able to wire up a male DB25 connector to a breadboard, to my USB-6000 and use LabView to send digital signals through the DAQ? What alternative methods are there (I realize this is a broad question). Thanks!
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Assuming the digital lines on the instrument are a simple TTL and there is no timing requirement, you should be able to just wire it up to your USB-6000 using the 4 digital lines.  Digital Outputs are simple with LabVIEW and DAQmx.  Just search the examples for a static digital output.

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Are you sure that this DB25-connector isn't just an oldfashioned serial port ?

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