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Instron 4301 GPIB-PCII/IIA rev.1 Windows

Hello everyone.

I have a working Instron 4301. I use Series IX  Automated Materials  Testing System - Ver. 5.04 with GPIB-PCII/IIA 1991 rev.1. For many years It works on Intel i486DX station with matrix printer 😥. Not so long ago I bought workstation on Pentium 4 and old laser LPT printer. Is there any modern software that would allow me to take measurements from the Windows shell?


Thank you

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At least for me, the question is not clear enough. I don't see the relation between the Pentium 4 workstation and the old i486DX station.


Are you looking for a GPIB card? or a way to use the Instron 4301 on a modern computer?

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Sorry for unarticulated question. I talk about using any version of Windows with Instron  4301 instead of MS-DOS have to use now.. Hoping for this I bought a modern comp.

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