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Initialization error for HP 8563 due to lack of REN

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I am using a HP 8563 spectrum analyzer which normally works fine with the Agilent 856x Series drivers.  Occasionally after a power cycle, the initialization generates an error, and doesn't connect with the instrument.


For context, this instrument is old, uses 488.1 commands (i.e. ID? instead of *IDN?) and I am using a Agilent USB-GPIB controller with Agilent VISA secondary.  NI VISA is primary, with a compiled LabVIEW application running on the 2013 RTE.  There are several other 488.2 instruments on GPIB bus, that don't have any issue.


This can be resolved by using the NI MAX "Assert REN; Address Device" command to force it in to remote mode.  After that, everything is back to normal until after power is shut off or an occasional random hiccup.


Does this sound like using the GPIB function "GPIB Initialization Function" with the "If assert REN with IFC" boolean set to True would this?  I suspect the instrument doesn't like to respond unless REN is set first.

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VISA GPIB Control REN Function is the function you want to use in LabVIEW then.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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