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In my IVI switch driver created in LabWindows/CVI, how do I set certain channels as "configuration channels"?

For an IVI switch driver created with the "IVI Instrument Driver Wizard" capability of LabWindows/CVI (2017) accessed through the "Tools -> IVI Development... -> Create IVI Specific Driver..." menu item, the functioning of the generated code for finding routes is very dependent on some channels being configured as "configuration channels". But I haven't been able to find ANY way to control that and make some channels actually be recognized as configuration channels. I've certainly looked in MAX to see how I could, and I've tried calling Ivi_SetAttributeViBoolean(vi, <chan name>, KTSS575_ATTR_IS_CONFIGURATION_CHANNEL, 0, VI_TRUE) toward the end of DefaultInstrSetup(), but can't find any way to make the channel be seen as a config channel when GetConfigChannelInfo is then called while the driver is in operation. If I was calling the driver from my own code, I could easily set those attribute values. But I need this driver to work when accessed by NI Switch executive. I have checked "reserved for routing" for the channels that need to be config channels in Switch Exec, but that doesn't help.


Thanks for any ideas!!


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