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IVI drivers used in standalone applications?

I would like to use the IVI drivers to simplify my application so I do not have to tie myself to specific assets.  However, the end product is to be used on a computer that doesn't have labview installed, going to make it a standalone application.  How does this work?  Without MAX to map the logical_names, how does it know what to talk to?  Is there some free version of MAX I can install on that computer to setup the mappings?  Or can these mappings be defined inside the application.  I do not see any options to do this.





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If your application works wit IVI you can distribute it.

I've never done this with IVI.

In LabVIEW you can build installers and select to install MAX with it. So that is not a problem.


In practice not all IVI drivers are showing the saame quality. 

You can also read the article from Nathan Tacha about an object oriented Hardware abstraction layer


greetings from the Netherlands
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The VISA runtime, MAX,, and the compliance package ARE free so as Albert says, include then in your installer. You also need to install the IVI drivers as well.
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Thanks, this was uncelar.  I will give this a try.

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