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IEC 625 and GPIB

I got a noise Generator which has an IEC 625 Bus. Actually it should be the same bus like GPIB. I am using NI-GPIB Card to communicate with my Noise Generator but unfortunately I got problems to find the instrument in MAX. When I activate "Scane for instruments" in MAX I get an Error "Instrument not found". When I run NI-Spy I can see the error which cant find any GPIB Device on GPIB Card.
What should I do to communicate with my device? I know IEC 625 is an old bus maybe I have to configure something on my GPIB Card or in LV. Can you please help me with this case?
Thank your for your support.
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You are right, it is the same bus, but has a different connector only. I have seen connectors with on one side iec625 and on the other side IEE488. It is not exactly a 1:1 connection because the iec625 has less pins, but enough pins.
I think that MAX would not recognize the instrument but with the right connector should see that an instrument is present.

good luck


greetings from the Netherlands
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