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IBRD and reciving a empty string


I have a problem with a National instruments pci-gpib card at a nt-pc,We also use a visual basic program 6.0.with some software from ni version 1.7. Evryting is going oke if i ask a string from my divice exept when the string is emty.the divice is hanging and i need to reboot it. We use EOI and if we do it we get a time out at the ibrd commando.I did turn the time out from 1s to 30s this was not a solution.

I did also use the tool from Ni to communicate with the divice, its also going wrong there if the string i want to recive is empty.

I have no gpib analyser at this moment.

I know that ibrd is doing some byte count... but there
is noting to count??I get with ni spy ibsta:6 and count=0

Who knows a solution for this pr

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This might help:

ibrd(Device, Buffer, 100);
if( ibsta & ERR ) GpibError("ibrd Error");
Buffer[ibcntl] = '\0';
Aromal Lilly
Columbus, OH
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Also try using

ibeos( Device, 0x140A);
if( ibsta & ERR ) GpibError("ibeos Error");
Aromal Lilly
Columbus, OH
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