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I can I unlock the com port?



Due to some mistake in my program (and aborting it in the middle), I'm now in a situation where the com port is busy.


I closed all the programs: TestStand, LabView and it's still busy


I look in the Windows Task Manager, and I see a LabVIEW.exe process still running.  I tried to end this process, but my request was denied.

I happens quite a lot and I end up resetting the PC. 


Is there any way to release the com port from this situation when it happens again?  Any tool from windows management?





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Hello Rafi,


You can release the COM port by writing a simple LabVIEW vi.

This vi should contain a VISA and you'll need to wire in the COM port as the input.


Let us know how this goes.


Christian A
National Instruments
Applications Engineer
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