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I am trying to monitor activity on an IEEE 488 bus with a NI9914.

I am attempting to do this using ISR2, and trigerring on ATNI. After set-up, I release the swrst in the acr - and the bus locks up. All I want to do is snoop the bus - I don't want to actively communicate. Does anyone know how to do this??

Thanx,Ben Smith
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There are 2 proper ways to "spy" on the GPIB Buss. One is to use a GPIB SPY card and/or use the NI 'GPIB SPY" application that comes with newer NI GPIB Cards.

You don't want to trigger or interfer with the signal lines of the GPIB buss. The Spy software provides a very complete picture for analyzing buss activity and data transactions. I don't know what platform you're on...let me know I can try to help some more.
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