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Hyper terminal in labview problem


I am working in a project where i wanted to replace the Hyperterminal user interface with the rich labview user interface.I have to communicate to a customised card where i will send some command to the card it will reply with data.Problem is if i send it through the hyper terminal for some specific command it will reply with three column data but if i send the same command in labview Hyperterminal it is giving in a single line with lot of junk value in between data.Any one have any idea why this is happening?I need it in same format in labview hyperterminal because we have to enter the some command the some specific column only. ANY Help?

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Define "junk" value.

How do you know that it is "junk"?

What values are they in the ASCII table?

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Right click on the LabVIEW indicator and select '\' Codes Display. Post back with the string that you see. Probably some control characters that you have to programmatically handle.
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