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How to disable/disconnect NI Scope channel(s) by IVI from TestStand

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Hi all


After finishing scope acquisition I need to disable = disconnect scope channels. Idealy all of them.


I tried to setup attribute "IVISCOPE_ATTR_CHANNEL_ENABLED" to FALSE but this will disconnect channel only during next acquisition .

I tried IVI Scope Reset - but this will not disconnect channels.

I tried IVI Scope Self Test - but this will not disconnect channels.


I know that NI Scope Soft Panel could disable channels.

How I could do it from TestStand + IVI Steps


My configuration:

TestStand 2019


NI Scope drivers

NI PXIe-5105 (8 channels)


Thank you


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Accepted by topic author JCC_(SK)

Here is sequence of IVI scope steps to disable (disconnect) scope channels:

  • Initialize Scope
  • Configure Scope - Un-tick every channel which you want to disable
  • Initiate Scope - this will apply configuration and start acquisition which we don't need
  • Abort Scope - return scope to idle state


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