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How to control two GPIB instruments in one GPIB card?

Dear All...

In my project, I need to control two GPIB Instrument (prober and meter) which connected with the same GPIB Card in my PC.


when I Initial Prober, I get two handles GHostUD_P and  GDevUD_P,

then I Initial Meter, I get two handles GHostUD_M and GDevUD_M,


My Question is  I need to Initial GPIB card twice!? or can only initial once..(use the same GHostUD...)


if I want to Disconnect Prober but still use Meter...

so I use ibonl (GHostUD_P ,0) and ibonl (GDevUD_P, 0) two command, then the gpib card has been set to off line...


Does it effect the Meter's Communication!? if I use different GHostUD handle, dose it work!?


thanks a lot...

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Thank you for posting on National Instrument's forum.


What's the model of this GPIB Card? 


The purpose of GPIB, is to communicate with several device.


Brice S.
National Instruments France

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thank you for your response,

my GPIB card PCI-GPIB NI-488.2


I know GPIB can connect several Instrument, but I don't know how to control the connect/disconnect behavior so two GPIB instrument will not conflict...


so my question is if I disconnect A Instrument use ibonl(host_A,0), ibonl(dev_A,0) command, then B Instrument still connect!?



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Do you want disconnect instruments in MAX or in your VI?


Brice S.
National Instruments France

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