Instrument Control (GPIB, Serial, VISA, IVI)

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How to control RPLIDAR A2M8 , I try to sent data by serial port(UART) but lidar not response ?

Now ,I want the lidar work as I sent data refer to picture below but not response . 

My opinion to control the lidar by sent serial port , i sent string data to Visa Write on picture below it dosent work  . Perhaps It incorrect . Thank you advance . 



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I'm trying to use the exact same device and also having trouble.  Did you ever figure out how to make it work?

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Have you been able to read the LIDAR data? I want to do the same but don't know how to start yet.

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Hello, yes, I did figure out how to do this.  It took a long time searching around and asking questions, but turns out the secret is that for this device you have to de-assert the "DTR" line in order to be able to communicate with the device.  There is a VISA property node that will allow you to do this.  Once that's done everything else seems to match the PRLIDAR user manual serial communication.


Find the property node under "Serial Settings">>"Modem Line Settings">>"Line DTR State".  Set to "Unasserted" then read the port.

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