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How to configure sampling rate for Tektronix TDS6124C

Hi all


I am using tektronix TDS6124C oscilloscope to monitor the signal at ethernet port


I am unable to configure the Sampling rate and no.of samples for the scope


Kindly can anyone send me an example for configuring the sampling rate.




With regards


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Are you using the driver ? The commands would also be in the manual.

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Hi Dennis


Thanks for your reply


Yes i am using the drivers and i am unable to configure.


I am using the examples given with the drivers and if i change the time base in the code it is not reflecting in the scope


If you have any examples kindly send me if possible


With regards


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Hello Bala,

         I have a TDS 5104 at my desk and ran the "Acquire Multiple Waveforms Example" and changing the timebase worked correctly.  Without changing the default value, the scope's screen showed 800 ns/pt, and when I changed the timebase from 0.005 to 0.05, the scopes screen displayed 8.0 us/pt.


Please try that example and only change the timebase the same way that I did and tell us how many s/pt the scope's screen displays.





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