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How to communicate with VOTSCH VT 7004 Thermal chamber using Labview (RS232 interface)



this topic is already there in this forum, but i didn't get sufficient information so please kindly provide any suggestion for this question.


I want to control VOTSCH VT 7004 thermal chamber from labview. i am using RS232 as interface between PC and VT 7004. I have used Labview VI's provided in this forum, but no response from VT 7004. in VT 7004 data sheet to communicate with it we need to send ASCII format data which we sent with the Labview VI's. Please give any suggestion how to proceed to communicate with the VT 7004 thermal chamber.


Thanks in advance,



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Unfortunately you forgot to provide the link to the mentioned message.


Like written in this message, some years ago, I developped an application with a VTS 4105. Unfortunately, I don't know if the protocol of the VT 7004 is the same. Could you please post it here so I can check ?

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Hell JB, thanks for your prompt response,


this is the link


in the above mentioned link only i took the LabVIEW vi's and VT 7004 data sheet communication commands. sorry if i haven't given enough information.



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Hi kradhika


I have met same situation as yours.  Have you finished the this topic?


Also, could you give me some suggestion on this?

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Did you allready try another device address ? I.e. 1 instead of 0. IIRC we saw here two Vötsch chambers same model but different default device address. 
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Hi, markus kossmann


No, I just use default address "0".  And i don't fully understand RS-232 connection between PC and chamber. Because of


PC's serial port is 9pin, chambe is 25pin. 


Could you give me some ideas on this?


If you feeling conveniency pls sent it to my mailbox:

Thanks a lot!



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Hi everybody,


I am trying to figure out how to control a Vötsch VT4010 climatic chamber with my PC.

I have the pdf file of the protocol (see attached file), but it still seems awkward to me to communicate with that chamber.


Can anybody please send me a .vi (Labview file) to control the chamber?

Or just some good tips.


Thank you,

Marco Ranieri


ps: I posted this same question to another section. Link is here.


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i want to use labview 2010 evaluation version for my windows 7 pc. i have installed labview & device drivers and serial communication is also fine. but if i want to control GPIB devices, it is unable to detect it's address. is is just detecting com port devices, can anyone plz suggest me how to rectify this.


note: i have device drivers for my GPIB instruments and able to see the corresponding vi's in block diagram window.


thanks in advance,


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The device drivers are meaningless for detecting a GPIB instrument. Do you have an NI GPIB controller and did you install NI-488.2? If so, did you do a 'Scan for Instruments' in MAX?

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Hello, if you only want to communicate over RS232 (and not over GPIB) you should:


1. start HyperTerm

2. 9600, 8, N, 1

3. send "?"


If you receive anything, you are able to communicate with chamber,



Check [url=]Link[/url] on Page 52:


If you e.g. receive as reply:

? -->  0xA6 0x5 0x0 0x81 0x4 0x64


0xA6: Current temperature low byte

0x5  : B0..3: Current temperature high byte, B4:Testprogramm, B5:Wait, B6:Zusatzentfeuchtung, B7:CO2 Schockkühlung


0x81: Monitor + Extern Betrieb

0x4:  : 4/

0x64 :100  ==> Chamber 04/100


Curr temp: 101  10100110(bin) = 1446(dec) ==> (see on page 53) ==> 1446/10 - 99,9 = 44,7 °C



send "J" and you will get data, see on page 49


see also:


Betriebsanleitung Schnittstellenwandler GPIB->RS232

Betriebsanleitung VM04/100

Appendix of Operating manual

Ausschnitt aus Operating Manual for HC 4015, HC 4030, HC 4055, HC4120, HC 7015, HC 7030, HC 7055, HC7120:


Eugen Wiebe
Bernstein AG
CLAD - Certified LabView Associate Developer
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