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How is 488.2 Controller info stored in Win2k Registry

I want to have my application change the System Controller bit, in the Control Panle Applet, for the GPIB controller in my system, on a Windows 2000 machine.
However, I cannot find where this info is stored in the registry, on Win2k.
On Windows 98, it's quite easy to find, with a registry search in Regedit.

However, on Windows 2000 (and I assume XP too), the registry is a real mess.

Does anyone know how AND WHERE the NI Measurement and Automation Explorer stores any of the changes the user makes, for the GPIB card Properties, (ie, Primary address, Secondary Address, System Controller, etc..) ?
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If you want your GPIB card to not be system controller, you can use the NI-488 function ibrsc(ud,0). If you want the board to be the system controller, use ibrsc(ud,1). Otherwise, I would not depend on changing the registry as this value may need to be changed in multiple places aside from the registry. This also may change from release to release.

Craig A.
National Instruments Engineer
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Actually, I've finally found out that on Windows 2000 this info is not in the registry, it's in the GPIB.INI file in C:\WINNT\SYSTEM32

It's much quicker to re-write this flag in the INI file, than to go through the GPIB Explorer.
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