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How do I use the 9870 to read only?

I am attemping to read data from a serial port on the 9870 module. I'm actually trying to use the 9870 read/write example and tweek it so that only the write portion is left because in hybrid mode, there is only one DMA FIFO channel available. I was wondering if anyone could check my code and see why the string output is empty. After reading a few similar post, I believe that I may be putting data into the FIFO too fast and reading it in the host VI too slowly, or vice versa..?


Any help would be great




Attatched are the VIs I've created.

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Please post .png's or a zip of your project including the vi's.  Many of the forum users including myself are not going to touch a .docx file with a ten foot pole due to security issues

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Here is a zip file containing both the VIs and the printscreens.


Thanks for the heads up

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