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How do I find instruments on my LAN using viFindRsrc?



I am running CVI 8.5.1 with the current drivers. The computer (Win XP SP3) is equipped with two Ethernet boards, one for Internet access, one for a private measurement network (IP 192.168.x.x.)


Now I want to find all the instruments that are ON and connected to the LAN, and for this purpose I thought to use viFindRsrc as I do to find all my serial instruments. Queries I used were "visa://*" and "TCPIP0::*INSTR" (the LAN board is the first found by GetAllTCPHostAddresses, thus TCPIP0), and the IP of the computer on the LAN is


Unfortunately, none of these queries returned any instrument (return count 0). Since this is my first encounter with Ethernet based instruments, I would appreciate any help.



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viFindRsrc on the LAN doesn't go out and discover instruments on the LAN. It only looks for preconfigured instruments that were found with NI-MAX - which doesn't help if their IP address changes.


I have tried to get the VISA WG to change this but failed - they say it would be too slow!

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Thanks! I do not like the answer, unfortunately... The documention claims something very different (The viFindRsrc operation matches the value specified in Expression with all known resources), and it would be very sad if my applications can run only on systems with MAX. CVI executables should be able to talk to Ethernet instrument without MAX, too, so probably there is an alternative approach... I am aware of a device vendors software utility that easily finds all the instruments of this vendor on all LANs, within a second or so.


So I would be very glad about assistance for accomplishing something similar in CVI, and if this involves using a different function I wouldn't mind :-)





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