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How can I monitor the GPIB bus with second GPIB-USB-HS (second PC)?

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As below, I want to use the Visual studio C# to monitor the command/message on GPIB-USB-HS bus (blue).

How can I use the second GPIB-USB-HS (red) for monitor the GPIB bus (blue)?

Can any one give me a sample code or any information?

Screenshot 2023-03-25 143013.png

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The functions of the analyzer are provided by NI official.
No programming required.
However, it cannot be used with GPIB-USB-HS.
Products with "+" such as GPIB-USB-HS+ , PCI-GPIB+ , PCIe-GPIB+ are supported.
You can use the GPIB analyzer by marking the red part of your diagram as "+" product.


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Thank you for your reply.
Is it possible to use my C# program (not NI officiel Analyzer software) via product "+"? I mean that I want tor write a C# program to monitor the GPIB bus (blue) via GPIB-USB-HS+ or PCIe-GPIB+.

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Theoretically, it is possible to make your own by using "+", but it seems difficult because the programming manual for controlling the hardware for analysis on the board is not disclosed.

(At least I don't know.)

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