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Hi, PCMCIA-GPIB for Windows Vista

I recently purchased a PCMCIA-GPIB Plug-In controller and my system has a Windows Vista as the operation system. I am not able to find the software driver online, though I see them
for XP/2000. Is there any beta version of the driver for Windows Vista available ? If so, can someone advise me how to obtain it (as a CD or a ftp download ? ). Would really appreciate the help and support.
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The latest version is here. It's not listed as being supported for Vista though. The much older AT-GPIB is not supported either. It's likely that NI has decided to not support the pcmcia cards on Vista. Most new laptops have a ExpressCard slot. That or the USB controller might have been a better choice. Hopefully, someone from NI will state the plans for pcmcia cards and discuss your options.
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Unfortunately, the link seems not to work any longer and I cannot find any suitable driver. Are there any new concerning the Vista support of the PCMCIA GPIB card?
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That link still works for me and it's still the latest driver. You can go to the Product Suggestion Center and make a request, but, you may have to use a different OS or a different GPIB controller.
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