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Help with RS 232 communication



I am trying to write a program that will get resistance, impedance, and phase angle from a Fluke meter. This is part of updating a system which does this already. I am having trouble communicating over serial with the device though. To verify what the old system was doing I attached a new computer with a serial adapter to the old computer and read the commands sent using termite. I can see the commands coming through just fine although there are two commands "[1B]2" that I do not understand. Below is a screenshot of the captured data coming from the computer. 


When I try to send these commands to the Fluke I get no response. Any help would be appreciated.


Fluke Capture1.jpg

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It would be nice to know the model number of the piece of equipment.  What does your NI-Max display for hardware and software?  Additionally, how is your RS-232 Cable setup? (Pins, length, type of cable,...)  How did you setup the port to communicate with the instrument? (Baudrate,...)  Just to inform you, many of the older pieces of test equipment do not work with the standard SCPI protocol.

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It will be difficult for us to help you without knowing the communication protocol.
A termination character could be expected.
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