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Has any one setup communication between hagiosonic stargazer and labview

Hi everyone,

I am working on a project in which I want to use hagiosonic Stargazer sensor that has a TTL interface with Dani robot and I need to set up communication between the sensor and the robot using labview. I understand there is no labview driver for the sensor so I am looking at getting a TTL to serial converter to interface my sensor with the serial port on the robot. I want to know if VISA communication protocol in Labview can be used to setup communication with my robot in order to acquire data from the sensor. Am new to using labview.

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And the robot is going to be able to run LabVIEW?



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Hi Taiwo. Welcome to the NI Discussion Forums.


The sbRIO-9632 has 110 digital lines with a maximum clock rate of 40 MHz, do you know what the content of the TTL signal is depending on the value of the sensor?


Ben Clark
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Yes I know the value of the TTL signal depends on the sensor. My concern is how to be able to read data from the sensor assuming am using the serial port on sbRIO 9632. I have read about people having problems with communicating with devices using VISA in labview. Also I havent been able to find anyone who used the sensor with labview and this really givves me so much worry. 

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The sbRIO-9632 is very much capabable of VISA RS-232 serial communication through the RS-232 port providing that you know the baud rate, parity etc.


You can also use the FPGA lines to develop your own communication bus.


Could you post the link to the specific hagiosonic stargazer you have?


Ben Clark
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This is the link to the stargazer sensor I have

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