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HP8757 Scalar Analyzer

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A recent need for us to program the 8757D with a 83650B Sig Gen has come up.  I stumbled upon this thread in my searches and it helped point me in a good direction.  I realize the last post is a year old but I figured I'd post the example I came up with, that works.


The main takeaway from all this is that there are ONLY two addresses used to communicate with the 8757.  These are the address of the 8757 and the LSB complemented address for the System Interface (see attached photo).

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Hi, I'm interfacing with my 8757E via the prologix usb-GPIB running on a raspberry pi. I was able to setup a python code to "talk" to the SNA and other instruments but I'm struggling in extracting/storing the data.

The communication is open and working, the SNA is answering my simple "OI;" command and I'm able to setup the scale and so on.

Since I don't have any LabView installed on my RPi could you please share the serial commands your vi is sending to the SNA to recover the traces?

Thank you!!

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 Currently I don't have the old code handy, I will try to look it up and send you the sequence if I find it.


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Thanks to looking into that.

The workaround I found so far is to send serial commands through the GPIB interface,

with the proper strings like 'FD0' for the format 'C1' for the channel and so on.

The instrument is so old that unfortunately the command strings are not so easy to find.

I also had to solve some timing issue to avoid commands collision.

All the best,



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